"The Year In Review and a Few Predictions" with Chris Krimitsos

Marcus dePaula

Join Molly, Marcus, Adam, and special guest Chris Krimitsos on The Podcast Club where they discuss all of the biggest mergers and other notables from the Podcast industry in 2020. Listening was up, acquisitions are up, advertising revenue is up, but some say it will all come crashing down. Tune in to hear what the gang is predicting for the ever wobbly future of everything. 

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Highlights with time stamps:

0:00 Intro

3:50 Chris shares some of the reasons that made their community emerge to be the best in the virtual world

4:53 Chris explains how his community started to where it is now

5:25 Chris shares his thoughts on the innovations that are in the market place such as acquisitions

7:07 Molly goes through a list of the acquisitions that happened in the year 2020

9:33 Marcus talks about the impact that the acquisitions will have on the podcast world

12:53 Chris shares ways in which podcasting has positively influenced people and the matrix of success in podcasting

15:50 Marcus and Chris talks about sponsorship in the podcasting business and how it goes and some of the sponsoring companies

17:35 Adam also shares his thoughts on the acquisitions that’s happening, advertising and the impact it has on the big corporates and the individual podcasters

20:10 Molly and Chris talk about Anchor, the advantages and disadvantages of being in Anchor as a podcaster

22:49 Chris also talks about videos and the importance of doing videos while podcasting

24:31 Adam talks about the top equipment this year such as Black Magic ATEM Mini and his thought on using videos

27:40 Molly also talks about Switcher Studio which allows you to use multiple phones to record videos and its importance

29:16 Adam talks about innovation in technology and equipments and how this has made podcasting easy

34:30 Chris shares the advantage that audio has over video due to the platforms

36:00 Marcus talks about venture capitals, and how some of the apps such as Spotify monetize the podcasts

37:22 Molly and Chris talk about Spotify and YouTube and which is the best app to use and which pays well

39:57 Chris talks about the Apple privacy and how it’s going to impact Facebook and the privacy of people’s details

41:51Chris, Marcus and Molly talk about control and if you have control over your data in some of these companies

42:50 Molly talks about the RSS Feeds and if there are companies that have put privacy screen on it

44:40 Chris and Adam also talk about how a podcaster knows their listeners

46:40 Molly talks about Podbean and the advantages and disadvantages of using it

48:04 Adam explains why these social media platforms should know what ad to put in which is relevant to a particular listener

49:56 Chris and Adam talks about the importance of having the right data for individual and companies

53:07 Adam talks about PreSonus PD-70, Zoom and Shure microphones and other equipments that are very good for podcasting

57:00 Adam also talks about Zoom PodTrak P4 and how it comes in handy if you are a podcaster

1:01:54 Marcus and Chris talks about Descript and how it has also made the world of podcasting easy

1:04:07 Molly also talks about Trint, what it is and how it has made her transcription work easier and Riverside FM

Marcus's Microphone : Shure SM7B Microphone http://heartcast.biz/3gLTjyG

Molly's SetUp : http://heartcast.biz/38tHHO0

Adam's Best Of List

Shure MV7: http://heartcast.biz/3pNWnNQ

RODE PodMic: http://heartcast.biz/3rOUdPY

Presonus PD-70: http://heartcast.biz/2LmeF9X

ZOOM ZDM1-1PMP Podcast Mic Pack: http://heartcast.biz/2LkB8UU

ZOOM P4: http://heartcast.biz/3rUjIj1

Black Magic ATEM Mini: http://heartcast.biz/3rTE2Rh

February 2020 Spotify bought The Ringer for $196mil

July 2020 SiriusXM to buy Stitcher for up to $325 million

July 2020 SiriusXM Acquires Podcast Management and Analytics Platform Simplecast

July 2020 NY Times acquires Serial Productions; $25M; podcast land rush continues

July 2020 Spotify Bought Joe Rogan For $100 Million.

Sept Chartable raises $2.25-million for $3.75M total venture investment

Nov 2020 Spotify bought Megaphone for $235 million

Dec 2020 Amazon in Talks to Acquire Indie Podcast Company Wondery in $300M-Plus Deal (Report)


The Ringer: http://heartcast.biz/3oc3RtG

Stitcher: http://heartcast.biz/38Xbuhe

Wrap Up: http://heartcast.biz/389Hrnp

Podcast Predictions to Make you Jump off a Bridge (LOL)





Chris Krimitsos

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Recorded on Riverside.fm

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