Best Mic Bundle for Video Streamers

Marcus dePaula

Whether you’re podcasting, streaming, or producing YouTube content, you need a microphone setup that is easy to use, sounds great, doesn’t break the bank, and looks good on screen.

My good friend Adam Levin has a ton of amazing bundles for podcasters at If you use video along with your podcast, or if you’re doing a ton of video streaming and Zoom calls (which is all too common these days), I recommend this bundle (affiliate link) that includes the Shure MV7, a boom arm that helps you get it exactly where you need it, and an affordable pair of sound isolating in-ear monitor headphones, which are less visible on screen that a traditional pair of studio “cans” like my beloved Sony MDR7506’s.

The Shure MV7 is a brand new USB+XLR mic that includes on-board digital signal processing (DSP) so you can compress, EQ, and limit your voice to get the best sound possible with the least amount of effort for your podcast and live stream. The app only works when the mic is connected via USB. I still prefer doing compression and EQ in post, but when you’re live streaming, it really helps to be able to do it live, which is what the MV7’s app allows you to do very easily. And the app makes it really hard to screw up your sound, which is easy to do with some of the audio settings in popular streaming software.

The MV7 is also just a great mic for the money - especially in this bundle that includes everything you need. Since it has an XLR output in addition to the USB, you can always upgrade to a nicer microphone preamp+interface in the future, as well as use it with additional microphones for multiple person interviews/streams (the USB connection makes it super difficult to use more than one microphone at a time).

Pro tip: most people use these broadcast-style microphones like the SM7B and MV7 mounted hanging from a boom arm, so the end of the boom arm is actually above the mic. For video, I actually prefer to flip it so the end of the boom arm is below the mic, which makes it so only the end of the mic is visible at the bottom of the screen below my chin, instead of the whole thing plus the boom arm next to my face.

With in-ear monitors like in this bundle, it’s also best to drape the cable up and behind your ears and then down your back, so the cable isn’t hanging down under your chin on screen. That’s what I do with my Ultimate Ears UE 18+ Pro in-ear monitors. That way viewers can’t even really tell I’m wearing headphones at all.

What’s your favorite microphone setup? How do you get the best audio possible for your videos and Zoom calls?

Shure Bundle

(affiliate link)