The Best Audio Plug-in Bundle

Marcus dePaula

This is one of the best deals of the holiday season for podcasters, if you don't already own any audio plugins.

For podcasters wanting to improve their sound, DAW plug-ins are a huge help. iZotope makes some of the best plugins available, have amazing support, and are the easiest to install+update. They currently have a holiday bundle on sale for $49 with all the essentials!

I run every recording file through the RX app first to remove noise and mouth clicks, and to optimize the gain. Then I drop it into my DAW and insert a channel strip plugin like Neutron for EQ+compression, and then a limiter like Ozone on every track, as well as adding a limiter/maximizer to the master bus.

If you're not using any plugins yet for your audio production process, this is definitely the best place to start!

Check out the bundle